Quality management system

The interest in offering the best levels of quality and safety has always been a constant in .

Due to the internal need of the company to implement systematic processes oriented to strategy and management was established in 2002, as a primary objective, to obtain a quality certification always with the goal of continuous improvement of the system.

It was with great satisfaction that  obtained in October 2004 the certificate by SGS ICS, regarding the compliance with the requirements of the internationally recognized standard for the implementation of quality management systems: NP EN ISO 9001.

In 2019 we have renewed the certificate referring to the norm ISO 9001: 2015, this being valid until June 26, 2022.

Technical data:

Scope of Certification: Road Transport of Goods Namely Powdery

Certificate Number: PT04/01293

The 1st assessment  of the Safety Quality Assessment System (SQAS) carried out in July 2009 confirmed that our services meet CEFIC requirements for safety and quality issues. In 2018 the 4th evaluation of our system was carried out by this entity and it’s valid until May 22, 2021.

Technical data:

Scope: Transport Service / Carrier

Report N.º: 86230

In 2018 we saw again the compliance of our services recognized by SGS Netherlands through the renewal of the GMP + B4: Transport quality certificate reaffirming our qualification for road transport of animal feed. This certification is valid until May 09,2021.

Technical data:

Scope of Certification: Road transport of animal feed

Certificate Number: NL 18/819943114 / GMP + Int. No: GMP010775

The entire effort of our organization is directed to meet the needs of our customers.